The Four Legs of Henry

horse painting

Henry Wrinkles foundation believes that the bond between an animal and a human is beyond understanding and replication. We use that connection to facilitate successful change and learning in our programs.

Ride on is a series of riding lessons that can be provided to clients in a private session or with a group. The lessons progress through a curriculum that can be personalized to each rider so that each individual fulfills their riding goals.

Together We Can is a type of riding that allows those with physical or developmental disabilities to overcome personal challenges with the help of a horse.

Outdoor Skills is a fun activity for groups and individuals that explores everything outdoors including plant identification, first aid, camping, and kayaking skills.

17 Steps is a program that uses Napoleon Hill’s Keys to Success. This course allows participants to graduate with a firm grasp of personal values and skills necessary to make good life choices.

Successful Living Skills is training in practical knowledge, to provide a foundation for important life skills as well as allow participation in tasks that are essential to independence and maturity.

Barnyard Benefits is a route to mental health therapy that utilizes animals at the farm. This course allows children to learn vital social, moral, and behavioral skills.


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